Italia Gallica, Sive Gallia Cisalpina


ARTIST: Ortelius Abraham

YEAR: 1590

SIZE: 465x350mm

TECHNIQUE: Copper engraving with coeval coloring

Nice map of the ancient Gallia Cisalpina – the area of North Italy surrounded by the Alps in the north and west, the Adria in the east, and Luca in the south – made by Ortelius. Under the title cartouche, the dedication to the Venetian Lord Francesco Soranzo (1557-1607) .One cartouche in middle top with 6 lines of placenames of uncertain location, one cartouche in bottom right corner with two columns of 12 and 11 peoples of uncertain location. Example from the 1592 Latin edition of Parergon. Copper engraving, text in Latin on verso, original colours, in very good condition.

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