La Mattina


ARTIST: Bartolozzi Francesco

YEAR: about 1760

SIZE: 570x435mm

TECHNIQUE: Etching copper engraving

A rural interior where a man fastens his shoe, resting it on a wooden bench, a basket nearby, with a woman cleaning a small child who is amused by an older sister, watched by two men, one at the foot, one at the head of a flight of steps behind her, another woman holding a cloth in front of the fire to right, another woman combing a child’s hair on the left and another driving a flock of sheep into the fields in the background. Lettered below the image with the title, four lines of verse “Rosseggia appena in Ciel l’Alba novella … Con le pecore sue la Pastorella”; and “G. Zocchi inven. / F. Bartolozzi incid. appo Wagner Vena. C.P.E.S. / AD. No.1.”.

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